StressAssessWorkplace Edition

StressAssessWorkplace Edition

Take Action to Prevent Workplace Stress

FR - Take Action to Prevent Workplace Stress

StressAssess is an online survey tool designed for workers and managers who are interested in assessing psychosocial hazards in the workplace, to anonymously, collectively and confidently identify issues.


Upon completion of the survey, resources are provided to give the workplace ideas on how to address identified concerns.

Developed for workers by workers

Usually consisting of a list of factors that can be used to review workplace conditions, checklists can be effective method of gathering information. Make sure that those who are making the assessments are generally trusted by workers and are known to have a good understanding of the relationships in the workplace. Training in the use of the checklists, and in identifying and solving psychosocial hazards in general, will help to increase effectiveness.

Diagnosing the workplace, not the worker

The purpose of survey tools such as StressAssess is to identify which stress factors have been associated with health symptoms so that results can provide a focus for efforts to prevent the stress. Surveys are screening tools, or an early warning system, designed to catch problems before they cause serious psychological and physical health effects. They can also provide an educational function by getting participants to think about the different aspects of workplace stress. Surveys should not be used to diagnose anyone.

A good place to start

StressAssess was designed to provide some insight, perspective and a basic understanding about some of the causes of workplace stress. By using this tool, workplaces can gather the information they need in order to take action to improve the work environment and protect both the physical and mental health of their workers.

Psychosocial hazards

Psychosocial hazards refer to workplace factors that have the potential to cause psychological or physical harm if not adequately eliminated or controlled.

Workplace Factors
Well Being

The Human Side

Everyday workers experience mental and physical factors at work.

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Workload demands

Resources and support

Recognition and rewards

Offensive behaviours

Control over work

Work values

Work-life balance

Job security

These pressures take a toll on workers’ health and are challenging to address because they do not fit into traditional categories such as chemical hazards, pains and strains, or slips and trips.

The many symptoms that can be associated with workplace stress

Workplace stress symptoms chart

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Source: International Labour Organization, 2012

Economic Costs

Absenteeism in Canada is estimated to be of wage costs
Mental health disorders cost Canada approximately $51 Billion per year
of Canadian workers described their lives on most days as quite or extremely stressful

Sources of Stress

Sources of Stress chart

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Source: Statistics Canada, 2011